7 Best Online Jewellery Boutiques for Amazing Finds ...


7 Best Online Jewellery Boutiques for Amazing Finds ...
7 Best Online Jewellery Boutiques for Amazing Finds ...

Jewelry is one item that you typically want to try on in-person so that you can see it, touch it, check for defects etc., however, there are some online jewelry boutiques out there that I recommend checking out! Jewelry is like perfume. It can be such a personal item; we get attracted to pieces as a result of our own energy and style. Feel free to browse these online jewelry boutiques for some amazing finds that match your personality!

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Etsy is not just one of the best online jewelry boutiques; you can buy artwork, baked goods, furniture, and even something for your wedding. Etsy does allow for customers to buy directly from the creative-design source and micro-enterprises. With over thirty million members, you’ll get a chance to browse all kinds of jewelry (whether you’re looking for fine or craft pieces), as well as gazing at the top picks from your favorite brands. Each shop on Etsy is unique, so you’ll need to follow the buying and selling guidelines carefully (yes, you budding jewelry designers out there, you can sell on Etsy)! The best part about Etsy is that it’s a certified B Corporation, meaning it is a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve environmental and social problems. Etsy now joins the likes of Patagonia and Seventh Generation to ensure businesses have a higher social purpose, other than simply making a profit. I like that! Find etsy online at etsy.com.


Couture Lab

Couture Lab is the haute-couture website for jewelry; it is a great place to search for those exclusive, luxurious, and individual handmade pieces of jewelry whether you own a personal jet plane or not. Perhaps you are looking for some inspiration on what to buy next, or you want to simply gaze at the different types of luxurious jewelry out there. Either way, this website is for you! I like Couture Lab, as it goes beyond the season’s trends; it brings together a wider reach of global designers, cultures and lifestyles, and just like Etsy, it’s an online boutique where products and the people behind them can be celebrated. Find them online at: couturelab.com.


Blue Nile

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is now one of the largest online jewelry boutiques, specializing in selling certified diamonds and fine jewelry pieces. Whether you are choosing an engagement ring (which doesn’t have to be a complicated process), or you’re looking for some high-quality diamonds, Blue Nile will set them for you in your favorite earring, pendant or ring design, so you can essentially build-your-own piece of jewelry! Each order is shipped for free (even to international destinations), and you can return any purchase within 30 days. Find them on the web at bluenile.com.


Kultia Jewels

A London-based online jewelry boutique, Kultia Jewels tailors their website according to the country you live in (whether you live in the UAE or Japan, the prices are shown accordingly). Kultia, unlike other e-boutiques, works closely with the jewelry designers and develops a personal relationship with each one. You can search for necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings and rings, and Kultia provides an informative ring chart to help you determine your ring size. Shipping is free and if you are not satisfied, you have 7 business days to return your item, using the return form and return number they’ll provide you with. Shop now at kultia.com.



Another well known website that sells jewelry online is Overstock. Sometimes there is too much choice, however it can serve as a starting point when comparing prices and styles with other websites. They sell all types of jewelry; from fine jewelry, fashion, wedding, vintage and estate jewelry to handmade jewelry, watches, and even children’s jewelry. There isn’t a piece of jewelry that you can’t find here! Overstock.com offers standard free shipping to anywhere in the USA on all orders over $50 (this doesn’t apply to Alaska, Hawaii or international orders), and you can typically return any purchase within 30 days.



Ice was one of the first companies to turn a jewelry store into an online shopping experience and they have been doing this since 1999. Their website features pieces that are reasonable, so jewelry that you purchase here won’t break the bank! In addition, it tends to be trendy, sparkly, and they have glamorous pieces that you can purchase as gifts or get inspiration from. Ice features an independent guest designer on their site too - she took inspiration while visiting Japan and created a jewelry line around freshwater pearls. Free shipping applies to all orders over $145 in the USA and returns can be made within 30 days. Ice does not ship everywhere and certain items cannot be shipped to Canada. Find them online at ice.com.


Layla Grayce

This is a great online accessory store, which sells more than just jewelry. You can find all kinds of interior design items with which to make your dream room/home. I included them here because they also have an array of jewelry on their online boutique. Layla Grayce was started by Wendy Rossiter Estes and Tiffany Grayce Harris, two longtime friends who wanted to showcase their passion for décor and style. Their jewelry items range in price from relatively low to pretty high, and they offer a decent variety as well as great gift choices. Sometimes they offer free shipping, however their return policy does include some exclusions, so it’s worth checking before you buy. Shop now at laylagrayce.com.

I am a firm believer that consumers should be able to shop in any way that they wish – in stores, over the telephone and online. Isn’t it fun though when you can get a cocktail ring delivered straight to your desk or home? With e-commerce changing the way the world does business, the once-shy jewelers now have to embrace the online world too. What are some online jewelry boutiques you have purchased from and would recommend?

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Overstock is ok but God forbid you have to return or exchange something!

BaubleBar is amazing!!!!!

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