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7 Antique Engagement Rings That Are Great Alternatives to Modern Versions ...

By Laura

Antique engagement rings are often charming and never boring. Sometimes it is nice to have something a little different when you are getting married. Even if the antique engagement rings you buy are just imitations of historical trends, they still look beautiful. Engagement rings have stretched right back to the ancients, so let’s steal some of their ideas for your big announcement!

1 Simple Gold Bands

Simple Gold BandsDid you know that Roman ladies had two engagement rings? One gold one for out and about, and an iron one for when they were at home. We’ll skip the iron for now; that just isn’t that pretty. You can find simple gold bands anywhere. They’re the most understated of the antique engagement rings, even if you are highly unlikely to find one in its original Roman form.

2 Renaissance Promise Ring

Renaissance Promise RingBack in the Renaissance days, you were never likely to find a ring made from one single metal! It was easier (and cheaper) to blend different types. While a lot of them probably weren’t pretty back then, we can make fantastic ones now. If you love the environment, I have great news: these rings often make the most of recycled metals. I don’t know about you, but that seriously appeals to me!

3 Posy Ring

Posy RingPosy rings were all the rage during the age of enlightenment. Although, they were more to symbolize an informal arrangement than an engagement! They are very simple to look at. However, I do think some of the simplest rings are the most beautiful. I do hope the women who wore them found their ‘formal’ arrangements in the end!

4 Victorian Diamond Rings

Victorian Diamond RingsIt was only when colonialists began mining in South Africa that diamond rings were really common. Before then, they were very much restricted to larger jewelry and incredibly expensive! Thanks to the Victorian era not being that far behind us, you can probably find a legitimate ring. Back when engagement was on my mind, I always thought I’d prefer a Victorian ring to a modern version. This is because they are often so much more unique than our modern designs.

5 Edwardian Art Deco

Edwardian Art DecoNot
ones to be outdone by the Victorians, the French loved a bit of vibrancy in the
form of Art Deco engagement rings. In fact, Art Deco engagement rings were
popular across the western world following WWI and boomed until the beginning
of WWII. After this point, engagement rings started to get a little dainty.
Maybe that had more to do with post-war austerity than a love for everything

6 Vintage Tiffany

Vintage TiffanyIf someone buys you a vintage Tiffany ring, they SERIOUSLY love you. These beauties are super rare. Originals from the 1940s would blend platinum, diamonds, white gold, and more! Vintage Tiffany rings often emulate Gatsby-esque styles. If you get your hands on one, treasure it dearly.

7 Georgian Engagement Rings

Georgian Engagement RingsDiamonds weren’t a girl’s best friend during the 18th century. No, pearls were! The Georgians loved clusters of pearls on their engagement rings, and these trends spanned across the Atlantic too. Towards the latter end of the Georgian era, diamonds were beginning to become vogue…along with every other gem jewellers could get their hands on!

If you own an antique engagement ring, your wedding finger will stand out from everyone else’s! Naturally, some antique rings are hard to find, and many may be quite expensive. Don’t worry, there is a lot of revival jewellers out there just waiting to make replicas for antique-loving ladies. If you love a particular antique ring style, what is it?

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