7 Fairy Tale Inspired Charm Bracelet Ideas ...

In my opinion, fairy tale charm bracelet ideas often make for the best bracelets. I am all about the whimsical, and even though the whole steampunk and Goth theme has been growing on me lately, I always revert to the fairy tale. Some of my favorite charm bracelet ideas draw on modern themes, so they’re not too childish! Hopefully these charms will bring you a little inspiration for your next creation!

1. My Flat in London Throne Charm

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Now what is more fairy tale than the whole William and Kate saga? Despite the cringey film that was released the year they got married, I think this is one modern fairy tale that is relatively untainted. One day Kate will ascend to that throne, so if you love their little story then add one to your bracelet. This is one of those modern charm bracelet ideas I was talking about!

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