7 Must Have Jewelry Pieces for Your Wardrobe ...

By Alison

7 Must Have Jewelry Pieces for Your Wardrobe ...

Women don’t tend to leave home without wearing some kind of jewelry, and most women swear by their must-have jewelry pieces that they always use to help them accessorize an outfit. Whether you are looking for something to bring an outfit together or you're planning an outfit around a piece of jewelry, here are some classic, must-have jewelry pieces for your wardrobe.

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1 Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Pearl Necklace and Earrings One of the top contenders on my list of must-have jewelry pieces for your wardrobe is a set of pearl necklace and earrings. Whilst they may not be for everyone, they definitely make an outfit look a lot classier and chic, assuming the pearl necklace and earrings don’t look too fake. There are all sorts of pearl necklaces and earrings out there; from mixed pearls to tiny string pearls or just the classic white pearls. Earrings tend to look classier when they are smaller pearls as opposed to the really big pearls but it just depends.

2 Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was right! I have a pair of super small genuine diamond stud earrings that a boyfriend bought me and I wear them to death. You don't have to be sporting the real thing, as cubic zircona looks just as genuine, and even Swarovski crystal earrings can be a decent substitute. Again, there are many sizes, styles (round versus square, silver versus gold posts), and carats or cubic zirconas to choose from, depending on just how much bling you want.

Ladies, are you curious about the significance and value of promise rings? These rings, beyond being a simple token of affection, convey deep commitments, unspoken promises, and the steps towards a shared future. Don't underestimate the power of this delicate symbol of love and devotion. Be sure to educate yourself on their true meaning!

3 Bracelets

Bracelets If you are like most women, you will want some arm candy! You might select Kate Spade, Michael Kors or Tory Burch bracelets that clang together when you move your arm or just one wrist piece, like a simple tennis bracelet or bracelet-watch! I like to sport a solid silver cuff piece when I’m going out for dinner, and I love those stretchy grey wire pieces that come in groups of ten or fifteen for the more casual events. You may even prefer a matching bracelet and earring set too.

4 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace We all love seeing the on-trend bold, statement necklace pieces in the jewelry and fashion houses, but pulling them off can be tricky! Try pairing a gold or silver costume jewelry statement necklace with a crisp, white button-up shirt and a pencil skirt, or you could wear one with your LBD to make the dress stand out and help draw the eyes upwards. There are the exotic, tribal-looking necklaces and the large shell necklaces that can look great, if they sit right. Statement necklaces are definitely a simple way to work a new fashion-season trend into your outfit.

5 Large Dangle Earrings

Large Dangle Earrings Whether you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans or going all out for a night on the town, you can't not have a pair of large dangle earrings to choose from in your wardrobe. They can be of the simple, lightweight variety or of the slightly heavier, vintage, glamorous-looking variety. Thanks to companies like Anthropologie and the boutique jewelers, like Latest Revival and Couture Lab, there are some beautiful, yet unique dangle earring pieces available to choose from.

6 Simple Chain Necklace

Simple Chain Necklace Everyone needs one of these and most likely already has one or more in their wardrobe. Depending on whether you are a gold, silver or rose tone girl, you will find yourself drawn to the type of metal you like, anyway. I particularly like the trend of the infinity and karma circle chain necklaces as well as the simple classic diamond circle chain necklaces. You can layer them, add charms, whatever you like depending your mood.

7 Rings

Rings Women need to have some rings to choose from in their wardrobe. There are so many rings to choose from too. I am a fan of the big, funky, colorful statement rings which I find at markets or in art gallery shops, as well as the stacked rings that are available at Banana Republic and J.Crew. If you are married, you may need to pair any rings wisely with your engagement/wedding ring, but there are so many solid rings available, not to mention costume jewelry rings and the gemstone variety to choose from (amber to quartz).

This must-have jewelry piece list errs on the simple and classic side, and just like fashion, there are a set, standard number of items that every woman must-have in their wardrobe. I hope you have some of these pieces already and if not, you can start adding to your jewelry collection. What are some other must-have jewelry pieces that you think every woman should own?

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