Interesting Things Your Jewelry Says about You ...


Interesting Things Your Jewelry Says about You ...
Interesting Things Your Jewelry Says about You ...

You might not realize it, but there lots of things your jewelry says about you. You might just think you’re accessorizing your favorite outfit, but the pieces and placement of the jewelry you select can actually let others in on certain aspects of your personality. Don’t worry – there’s nothing bad or strange, but it is certainly insightful to find out the things your jewelry says about you. Check out my list and let me know what you think.

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If you love wearing big, bright and shiny pieces of jewelry, whether it’s a statement necklace or a ring, there are several things your jewelry says about you. For one, you’re a bold person who has a strong will and doesn’t mind being the center of attention. You have plenty of confidence and aren’t afraid to get out there and enjoy the world around you, no matter what other people might think of you.


Body Piercings

Getting a piercing that’s different than the normal ears says a lot about who you are too. People with noses, eyebrows, tongues and other body parts that are pierced are sometimes rebelling against social norms, even it if it’s unconscious. Other people choose body piercings as a way to draw attention or let others know that they don’t care what people think of them. Of course, there are also people who get them because they simply like the way they look. That says something about your personality too.



If you wear pearls, you likely have traditional values and like classic and elegant things. That’s because pearls are often associated with women in the retro years when a strand of pearls was the ultimate in trendy. I myself love a triple strand of pearls I recently bought. They lend a touch of elegance to jeans and a sweater, but they also dress up a simple dress or shirt too. A statement necklace or a ring could be just the ticket to elevate any style you choose to wear.


Art Pieces

If you tend to gravitate toward artsy pieces of jewelry, you might be a modern type of girl who loves handmade items that are unlike anything anyone else is wearing. This includes large pieces, fabric jewelry and most anything handmade. You probably enjoy making things yourself and reflect that by choosing to wear what others have made too.


Layered Jewelry

If you tend to layer necklaces or bracelets, you might be subconsciously trying to draw the eye to parts of your body you like, say your wrists or neckline. That’s because all that jewelry attracts attention so people aren’t always seeing your perceived flaws. In fact, wearing lots of bracelets can give you a slimmer appearance, so go ahead and pile them on.



I don’t care if someone once wore my jewelry in a past life. If I like it, I’ll wear it too. The thrift store is a fun place to find vintage pieces, but hand me downs from friends and family are fun too. Wearing vintage items lets others know that you’re sentimental. They’re also super girly, so you can engage your feminine side while looking great at the same time.


Colored Jewelry

If you opt for brightly colored jewelry, that says something about you too. For example, red means you’re outgoing while pink indicates passion. Yellow means you’re optimistic, blue indicates compassion and green says you’re sincere. If you tend to match your jewelry to your clothing, you are probably choosing garments that align with your personality traits.

What’s your favorite type of jewelry? I love to try new things when it comes to accessories so give me some great ideas, please.

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