9 Vintage Jewelry Trends You Can Use to Create Unique Outfits ...

Vintage jewelry trends help you take a seemingly boring outfit and turn it into something spectacular. I adore modern jewelry as much as the next woman. However, when it comes to something special, vintage wins every time hands down. Here are nine vintage jewelry trends you can use to diversify your outfits.

1. Mourning Necklaces

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Back in the Victorian era, mourning necklaces were all the rage. Now I am not suggesting you start packing your dead relative's pics into a pendant. However, this is one of those truly unique vintage jewelry trends you can take advantage of in a different way. Try visiting antique shops or find online sellers who sell mourning necklaces from years gone by. Granted, this is a strange trend, but you can guarantee that nobody else out there will have the same piece as you.

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