7 Gifts for Grads from Tiffany ...

To me, this is the most wonderful time of the year, the time when young people are graduation from High School and college, all starry-eyed and idealistic and not yet jaded about the world.

It’s so much fun to celebrate these important moments, and though most grads this year are asking for cash, I still have a lot of fun choosing a personal gift from my go-to jeweler.

Here are 7 gifts for grads from Tiffany.

1. Cap & Tassel Charm Pendant

Cap & Tassel Charm Pendant

Price: $825.00 at tiffany.com

As far as the story behind a particular charm on a charm bracelet goes, it doesn’t much more straightforward than this, a cap with a moveable little tassel.

It’s surprisingly detailed, and is made of solid 18 karat yellow gold.

It looks just as delightful on a necklace as it does on a charm bracelet.