7 Natural Stone Accessories ...


Of all the new summer jewelry trends, perhaps the one I like the best is the popularity of natural stone accessories. All of my favorite shops and boutique brands boast necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, all studded with natural stones in all sorts of colors and textures, helping me rock (sorry, pun intended) all of my summer outfits. Here are 7 natural stone accessories, to show you what I mean.

1. Candelabra Earrings

Candelabra Earrings

Price: $128.00 at anthropologie.com

You’ve already decided you’re wearing your lace-trimmed LBD to your best friend’s wedding, and you’ll wear your hair up, of course… for what better way to show off these gorgeous natural stone earrings? They follow the traditional candelabra shape, but with the added allure of natural amethyst, labradorite, and quartz.

Sliced Stone Earrings
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