2. Cuff Bracelets

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The cuff bracelet is the ring that covers two-thirds of the wrist, and it is commonly open at its end. They resemble bangle bracelets. A cuff bracelet can be a thick or wide bracelet that does not close but just rests on a wrist with a tiny gap towards the inner section of the arm and often not as elastic as other bracelets.

Women usually prefer gold or silver cuff bracelets while their counterparts (men) tend to go for the leather variety. These kinds of accessories are distinctly known to wrap tightly around your hand, although they can be adjusted to fit your needs. They have been recognized as jewelry since Cleopatra's time, making them famous even with the royals. If you go for a cuff bracelet, minimize the number of other jewelry you wear as too many other accessories can take away the real look or texture of this edgy arm piece.

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