21 Pairs of Neon Earrings That Will Rock Your World ...

By Eliza

21 Pairs of Neon Earrings That Will Rock Your World ...

It's not the 1980s anymore, but that doesn't mean that you can't still wear neon. In fact, it's trending in a huge way right now. If you're not ready to go all out with neon clothing, ease into things with some neon colored earrings. Here are some great pairs to start your collection with.

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1 Neon Pink Earrings

Neon Pink Earrings saksfifthavenue.com

2 Just a Little Neon

Just a Little Neon lordandtaylor.com

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3 You Can't Go Wrong with Pink

You Can't Go Wrong with Pink cusp.com

4 Neon Spikes

Neon Spikes lanecrawford.com

5 Lots of Pink

Lots of Pink walktrendy.com

6 Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll yoox.com

7 Fun Orange

Fun Orange us.topshop.com

8 Neon Chains

Neon Chains yoox.com

9 Neon Flowers

Neon Flowers polyvore.com

10 Shades of Green Neon

Shades of Green Neon polyvore.com

11 Neon Studs

Neon Studs amazon.com

12 Neon Leather

Neon Leather bluefly.com

13 Yellow and Blue Drops

Yellow and Blue Drops solesociety.com

14 Yellow Triangles

Yellow Triangles polyvore.com

15 Neon Green Lace

Neon Green Lace polyvore.com

16 Lots of Colors

Lots of Colors polyvore.com

17 How about Neon Red?

How about Neon Red? polyvore.com

18 Pink Chains

Pink Chains polyvore.com

19 Splurge Worthy

Splurge Worthy ylang23.com

20 Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow sophiescloset.com

21 With Gold

With Gold macys.com

Do you see a pair you're dying to have? What will you wear them with?

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Wow! The prices on some of these shocked me with how expensive they are! For a much cheaper alternative, that's still fun, funky and hip, try stores like Claire's or JC Penneys.

Charming Charlie is so much cheaper!

I love all of this, very creative! Thank you!

Love #13 and #16!

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