7 Amazing Facts about Pearls ...


Facts about pearls are probably not something you’d remember to search for, yet wouldn’t mind knowing.

Yup, I know…who would ever remember to research the history of pearls!

But, let me tell you something – there are a lot of things regarding these small, decorative objects that a girl would find interesting!2

A lot of information about pearls is actually really fascinating!

I happened to run across a few tidbits of interesting information, continued to research further just for the fun of it, and came to a conclusion that this is something I’d definitely want to pass along.

Sound interesting?

Well, here’s an interesting pearl fact or two...

1. Pearl Prices

Did you know pearls used to be really expensive?

The first of many noteworthy facts about pearls is their price, which was pretty darn high back in the days when pearls had to be searched for and found instead of cultured!

Perfectly shaped, lustrous pearls that are so common nowadays had not been a usual sight in the 1700s and 1800s which, of course, affected the price, making pearl necklaces just as posh as diamonds and unavailable to common men and women!

Dangerous Profession
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